Remembering Marjorie John: National Netballer, Cadet Force Officer, Exemplary Citizen

Lt. Marjorie John, a former Cadet Force officer and a former national netballer passed away recently. 

Marjorie John hailed from a prominent Woodbrook family and gave years of service to Trinidad and Tobago off the netball field. She enlisted in the then Trinidad and Tobago Police Force in 1957 and served until 1982 and was conscripted as a chaperone to assist with the first batch of female soldiers in Trinidad and Tobago Regiment.

The Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force commenced recruitment of females in 1984 and once again, Ms.John’s expertise relative to guiding young females was sought. LtCol. Hugh Walke, then Commanding Officer of the Cadet Force approached her and having consented, Marjorie John was appointed to a commission in the rank of Second Lieutenant.

She later served in the TTCF Messing Department (with the Cadet Force cooks).

In 2010, on the occasion of the Force’s 100th Anniversary, former Second Lieutenant John was the recipient of the coveted Cadet Force 100th Anniversary Medal.

Her father was an accomplished Cricketer and her brother George, a  distinguished Journalist/Editor. May the Soul of Marjorie John Rest in Peace.

Special thanks to Major Grantley Dick for providing the text of this article.

Photos are courtesy Colonel (ret.) Patrick Taylor

One thought on “Remembering Marjorie John: National Netballer, Cadet Force Officer, Exemplary Citizen

  1. Thanks. I think that the word “conscripted” is not the right word. It should be changed as the blog will be a part of the records of the TTCF. Maybe she was seconded to the Regiment or transferred to the Regiment. If she was seconded she would still have been a member of the Police Force but working in the Regiment. If she transferred then she would have been a member of the Regiment.

    Best regards,


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