The TTCF Mourns the Passing of Capt. Warren Bruce

The Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force offers condolences to the family and friends of Capt. Warren Bruce who passed on from this life on Thursday 5th May 2022. He served the Cadet Force for 31 years as an adult volunteer, and an additional 8 years as a cadet while he was a student at Trinity College. At the time of his passing, he was the Area Coordinator for Area Bravo of the Fifth Battalion.

Capt. Bruce was recently heavily engaged in the development of his cadets and adult staff, and was the proponent of several significant activities.

The following content is a personal bio written by Capt. Bruce as a part of a newsletter recently published by Area Bravo.

On the 7th of August 2021, Capt. Warren Bruce was asked by the Commanding Officer 5th Battalion, Maj. Ronald Joseph to coordinate the activities of Area Bravo, 5th Battalion.

Capt. Bruce brought a wealth of skills and experience from his military and civilian careers, which benefitted the management of Area Bravo. He brought thirty-eight years of experience within the Cadet Force, starting in 1983 when he enrolled in the unit at Trinity College (Moka, Maraval) where after 8 years of service, he eventually left the ‘school-boy ranks’ a Cadet Warrant Officer Class 2.

Here are a few highlights of Capt. Bruce’s accomplishments to date, beginning with his cadetting years.

Enrolled in Trinity College in Sept. 1983. Appointed L/Cpl. In Jan 1988, promoted to Cpl. In Jul. 1988, promoted to Sgt. In Jun 1989, promoted to CW02 in July 1990.

Sgt. Warren Bruce (facing camera on the left) as Parade Drill Sergeant during an inspection of cadets at Annual Training Camp 1989
Sgt. Warren Bruce (facing camera on the left) as Parade Drill Sergeant during an inspection of cadets at Annual Training Camp 1989

Enrolled as an Adult Trainee in Mar. 1991. He was sent for basic training in Teteron with the TTR in from Mar to Sept. 1993. Appointed W02 on the 1st Oct. 1993. He was appointed UO in Sept. 1995 and appointed Unit Commander of Trinity Cadet Unit.

In 1995/96 Trinity Cadet Unit placed 34th out of 36 Platoons in the TTCF’s Efficiency Shield Competition. After he took Command the unit placed 5th in the 1996/97 competition. From 1997 to 2001 they placed in the top 3 with a 2nd place at best in 2000/01 competition.

He represented the TTCF on a Lt. Qualification Course in Barbados with the BDF in 1997. He received a Commission in 2000 to the rank of 2Lt. dated 14 Mar. 1997. Was appointed Ensign in 2000 to 2002. He was promoted to Lt. in Jan. 2005 and to Capt. in Sept. 2015

Capt. Bruce has held numerous appointments over the years.  This Offr has served as Plt. Comdr, Unit Comdr, Coy Comdr,  Bn Adj, Bn TO, Bn 2ic,  Ag. Bn CO, SO Opps, Ag CSO, ATC asst TO & ATC Adj.   

He has been awarded the The 1990 Preservation of Democracy, 5th Summit of the Americas, 50th Annv, CFM & 100th Annv Medals. In addition to serving in both the 5th SOA & CHOGM Summits.

Capt. Bruce shares a moment with the Cadets of Area Bravo who participated in Operation Recovery.
Capt. Bruce (front, center) shares a moment with the Cadets of Area Bravo who participated in Operation Recovery.

He has lived by the motto “Attitude Determines Altitude” His philosophy for the Area is simple. It can be summed up in one word: success. His strategy for success includes hard work, constant communication, added value training and strong partnerships with all stakeholders including parents, school administrators, an Association of Former Cadets and most importantly the Cadets themselves.

Strong leadership at all levels is vital to his philosophy of success, and so his plan for the Area started with the development of a Vision & Mission Statement, Core Values, an Adult Developmental Retreat to foster planning and camaraderie, Adult Minimum Standards & Guidelines, NCO training, regular structured meeting with a Group of Senior School Administrators and the creation of a Former Cadet Association.  

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