86 New Cadets Invested into the Cadet Force Band

Band Grows to Over One Hundred Strong

On Sunday 11th December, 86 new cadets were formally invested into the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force’s Band at an investiture ceremony held at the UTT Valsayn Campus. These new cadets have successfully passed their Cadet Force recruit exams and sat music exams with The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

The addition of these 86 cadets is a significant milestone for the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force’s Band, as it will now be able to expand its musical capabilities and reach. The new cadets will now embark on a journey to advance their musicianship training and will soon join the band on parades and at other musical engagements.

The investiture ceremony was attended by Lt. Colonel Reynold York, Acting Commandant of the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force; ASP Wayne Guerra, Deputy Director of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Band; Major Kester Francis, Director of Music of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force; and Mrs. Alicia Lucien-Baptiste, Principal of Russell Latapy High School as well as other senior Cadet Force Officers and other officials.

Family and friends of the new cadets attended in their numbers and showed their appreciation with rousing cheers and lusty applause.

In his speech at the ceremony, Lieutenant Colonel York, congratulated the new cadets on their achievement and welcomed them to the Cadet Force and the Band.

“These new cadets have proven themselves to be worthy of joining the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force’s Band, and I have no doubt that they will be a valuable asset to the Band as they continue to advance their musical skills.”

Captain Peter Sawyer, Director of Music of the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force Band reflected on the journey of the cadets’ development, and the work that went into their training.

“In these times where mostly negative actions are highlighted about the young people of our nation, I want to congratulate you young people and your parents for making the right choice to get yourself involved in such a positive and noble organization as the TTCF. I believe these are the important and positive things which should be highlighted in the media.”

“Being a member of the Cadet Force. I will expect you to be a fine example of discipline, leadership and commitment to duty, not only in the TTCF, but in your Schools and in your communities. Be that Student that your Principal can depend on to assist with activities in the schools.”

“Be that example to other Students and your friends to emulate, be that Child your Parents can say I am very proud of and always remember you will be a representation of the Cadet Force, for the rest of your life. So much is expected of you.”

Warrant Officer Class 2 Rodney Williams, Drum Major of the Band led a team of Band members who conducted the training including Corporal Ryan Assing and Private Renee Pereira. Also assisting were Corporal Josiah Jack, Lance Corporal Harmony Williams and Lance Corporal Kennicia Simmons.

Musical theory classes and training was led by Warrant Officer Class 2 Amelia Toppin, aided by Private Renee Pereira.

Prior to the investiture and during their training, the new cadets also had the opportunity to meet and speak with experienced members of the bands of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force and Police Service, who offered them advice and guidance on their journey in music and as cadets.

Special gratitude goes out to WPC Josanne George-Byam of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s Band for her contribution to the drill routine and mentorship of the female cadets during their period of training.

Special gratitude also goes out to Alistair George, retired Warrant Officer Class 1 and Drum Major of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Band, for his contribution to the training of the cadets.

Special Awardees

Several special awards and four scholarships were given to cadets who distinguished themselves during their training as listed below:

Best Recruit
Pvt. Jair Richardson

Best Drill (Male)
Pvt. Abdul Kadeem Andrews

Best Drill (Female)
Pvt. Ikhwana Fergusson

Most Improved:
Pvt. Daniel Phillips

Most Disciplined:
Pvt. Christopher Paul

Scholarship Recipients:
Pvt. Ikhwana Fergusson
Pvt. Jair Richardson
Pvt. Sanjeev Singh
Pvt. Jonathan Sayers

Further Development

The cadets will now proceed to advance their training, and will pursue further grades in the ABRSM examinations, as well as the Cadet Force’s APC Four Star Program. Cadets will be split to continue their training at the Band’s Headquarters, Russell Latapy High School and Cunupia Secondary School.

The Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force’s Band is a highly respected and well-known part of the organization, known for its musical excellence and commitment to service. The addition of these 86 new cadets is an exciting development, and will no doubt contribute to the continued success and growth of the Band.


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