3TTCF for THA/NGC Mass Vaccination Drive

Cadets attached to the Third Battalion Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force (3TTCF), will provide volunteer support to a mass vaccination drive in Tobago in August.

The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC) has collaborated with the Tobago House of Assembly, to undertake the Mass Vaccination Drive from the 31st of July to 6th of August, 2021. Tobagonians will be able to drive-through the site to get their vaccines.

The Cadet Force plays an important role in the Tobago Emergency Management Authority’s (TEMA) Logistic mechanism, and this time is no different.

The Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force first mobilized its voluntary support to assist TEMA in 2004, in response to Hurricane Ivan. This initial deployment lasted for one month, with 3TTCF personnel serving in the areas of logistics, transportation and site assessments.

Given this long standing relationship, Major Cloyd Blackman (Battalion Commander, 3TTCF) acceded to a request to provide this logistical support made by Mr. Allan Stewart, Director of TEMA, without hesitation.

The young men and women attached to the 3rd Battalion Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force, STAND READY TO SERVE.

* Captioned photo above shows Form 5 Cadets attached to Scarborough Secondary School and Signal Hill Secondary School, 3TTCF

About the Third Battalion of the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force

The Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force is currently divided into five battalions, with the Third Battalion including all infantry units in Tobago. It is commanded by Major Cloyd Blackman. The Third Battalion covers seven schools in Tobago, with one other school not included in which is a Naval Cadet Unit and which belongs to the Fourth Battalion. In addition, the TTCF Band has an arm in Tobago known as Band (Tobago).

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