‘Pres SanDo’ Cadets Cop Orienteering Trophy

After a challenging day of competition, friendly rivalry and several taunts, the Presentation College (San Fernando) Cadet Unit won the 2020 TTCF Orienteering Competition.

A field of 25 teams, each consisting of four cadets from across Trinidad and Tobago participated in the 2020 Orienteering Competition which was held in the Chaguaramas area, and administered from the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Reserves base.

Cadets pause to check their position and find their way to another position.
Photo: UO Orleen Orr

The competition entailed a combination of map reading, navigation and road running to find ‘control points’ within the competition area, followed by trivia questions derived from cadets’ military knowledge.

Points were allotted for finding positions and returning to home base before the conclusion of the competitive time-window. Teams returning after the close of this window had points deducted, meaning that speed and accuracy both played a role in the teams’ level of success.

The winning team consisted the following cadets:

  • LCpl McPhie, K. (Team Captain)
  • Pvt. Mc Donald, J.
  • Pvt. Mitchell, R.
  • Pvt. Monsegue, N.

The top six teams on the day are as follows:

  1. Presentation College (San Fernando) Unit (260 points)
  2. Marabella South Secondary Unit (229 points)
  3. Holy Cross College Unit (225 points)
  4. Bishop Anstey/Trinity College East (BATCE) (210 points)
  5. Couva East Secondary Unit (210 points)
  6. Barataria South Secondary Unit (210 points)

Three teams tied at 210 points, however, the positions were determined by the team completing the course in the shortest time.

Recapping the day, Major Marlon Hart, Force’s Training Officer thanked Captain Kofi McIntyre and the remainder of the Training Team for their excellent work. He also conveyed his gratitude for the adults of the TTCF who were present and assisted in some way to make the exercise successful.

Members of the Training team dispatch a cadet at the start of the competition
Photo: UO Orleen Orr

Capt. McIntyre was responsible for leading the team which planned the day’s activity. He was ably assisted by Second Lieutenant Dionne Phillip, Warrant Officer Class 1 Kester Sealey, Warrant Officer Class 1 Dexter McKay, Warrant Officer Class 1 David Burke, Warrant Officer Class 1 Erwin Ambris.

Both Major Hart and Captain McIntyre commended the cadets for the resilience they showed in the competition. Also coming in for high commendation from the officers was the Cadet Force Division of the Ministry of National Security for the exceptional support given to the exercise, and the investment in the development of these young people.

LCpl McPhie, K of the winning team shares a light moment with Major Jeffrey Holder, Commanding Officer of the Second Battalion
Photo: UO Orleen Orr

This is the second competition which went to cadets from South Trinidad, continuing the virtual dominance of Cadet Force competitions by southern cadets.

On the 18th of April, the TTCF will host the finals of the Inter-Platoon Drill Competition at the Jean Pierre Sports Complex. Semi Final competitions will be held to choose the best platoon from among schools within each Battalion. These winners will then represent their respective Battalion at the finals.

Already, cadets and adults have begun sending taunts over which Platoon and Battalion will win.

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