Cadet Force Adults Start 2019 With Fresh Commitment

At the request of Lieutenant Colonel Reynold Yorke, Acting Commandant, the adult volunteer staff of the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force (TTCF) started 2019 by re-committing themselves to the service of the nation’s youth through the work of the TTCF.

Lt. Colonel Reynold York, Acting Commandant, addresses the adults present.

Look Forward, As We Go Forward

In addressing the adults present, Lt. Col. Yorke admonished those present to “Look forward as we go forward” as they put their proverbial “shoulders to the plough”.

The ceremony took the form of an interfaith service held at the chapel at St. Mary’s College, and led by the Cadet Force’s three chaplains, Deacon Major Harold Woodroffe, Archdeacon Edwin Primus and Major Rodney Brown.

Reminding those present of the need for consistent renewal of the personal strength and character required of a Cadet Force adult, the Acting Commandant asked all serving adults to participate in the Virtus Program hosted by Deacon Woodroffe.  

In his homily, Deacon Woodroffe encouraged adults to be consistent positive examples to our cadets and in society. He reminded adults of the motto of the TTCF, describing the importance of always honoring God and Country as they undertake their duties.

At the end of the ceremony, adults were led in the specially written “Re-Commitment Prayer”.

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