20 TTCF Cadets Participate in Grenada Cadet Camp

TWENTY cadets from the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force departed this morning to participate in the Grenada Cadet Corps’ Annual Training Camp in St. Andrews, Grenada.

Responding to an invitation from the Grenada Cadet Corps, Colonel Ellis Robinson, Commandant of the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force and the Ministry of National Security have agreed to have the local cadets participate in the Grenada camp.

The contingent is commanded by Flight Lieutenant Bilal Milette, who is ably assisted by F-2Lt Dionne Williams, WO1 Erwin Ambris and WO2 Howard, A.

Cadets selected to participate in the camp were drawn from units across Trinidad and Tobago, including cadets representing infantry, naval and aviation units.

Cadets departed on board a Coast Guard vessel which will transport them to Grenada for the camp.

Participation in this camp forms a part of the collaboration among Cadet Forces and Corps in the Caribbean, developed by the establishment of the Caribbean Cadet Association. The first objective listed as a part of the Association’s establishment is to:

“Promote closer Caribbean integration through exchange of Members of the Cadet Corps/Forces within the region.”

Cadets will also participate in the Caribbean Cadet Camp to be hosted by the Barbados Cadet Corps in August.

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