30 Cadets Earn President’s Award (Bronze)

Thirty (30) cadets from the Fifth Infantry Battalion (5TTCF) completed all requirements and were officially awarded the Bronze Award after meeting the rigorous operating standards of the President’s Award Programme.

The President’s Award Programme began in Trinidad and Tobago in 1964 with a pilot project with the members of the Cadet Force. The President’s Award is a member of the Caribbean Award Scheme Council and the International Council (IC) of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association (IAA).

Awards were presented to these cadets at the start of the Fifth Infantry Battalion’s Easter Training Camp at the Williamsville Secondary School.

Presenting the awards were Mr Denzil Noel, Acting Principal of Williamsville Secondary School and Major Lance Dowrich, Battalion Commander of 5TTCF.

The Fifth Infantry Battalion comprises secondary school units in the Victoria Educational District of the Ministry of Education. These cadets, who celebrated their success in front of their parents, fellow cadets, officers, warrant officers and well-wishers, are students of the following schools:

  • Presentation College San Fernando;
  • St Benedict’s College La Romaine;
  • San Fernando East Secondary School;
  • San Fernando Central Secondary School; and
  • Marabella South Secondary.

Some of the cadets are shown below, proudly wearing their Bronze awards. Well done ladies and gentlemen!

With editing by Capt. Maurice Burke.

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