Cadet Force Gets New Headquarters

In a simple ceremony held yesterday, the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force opened the offices for its new Headquarters at London Street in Port of Spain. The offices will house the Commandant, Deputy Commandant and other selected Headquarters officers.

The offices, housed at the Office of Law Enforcement Policy (OLEP) Building marks a new beginning for the Cadet Force. Previously, the TTCF headquarters were located on Long Circular Road. As time and age bore down on the building, the Headquarters offices were removed, and the organisation remained without formal offices for several years.

Addressing the small gathering, Colonel Ellis Robinson reflected on the moment:

“For me, as simple as this is, [it is] a very very emotional moment.” he shared. “Moving forward, we have a lot of work to do. We now have the facilities to do it.”

With the assignment of these offices by the Ministry of National Security, the Cadet Force now has an opportunity to improve its operations. Already the Commandant has begun to hold audiences with officers and has held meetings with key Headquarters staff at his office.

A Senior Officers’ Course is also currently being staged in the building.

… Colour comes home

The highlight of the morning was the entry of the Cadet Force Colour. Military colours, consecrated by a minister of religion and presented by a head of state or their representative in a specially held ceremony, and is traditionally the rallying call of a military organisation.

Colonel Ellis Robinson, Commandant of the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force maintains his salute as the Colour Party enters the offices with the Colour

Colours are treated with reverence by members of a military body, and are deserving of a salute when they enter or exit any place.

A reverence came over the offices as the Colours entered, and smiles could be seen on the faces of all persons present.

The Colour Party responsible for depositing the Colours at the new offices included:

Ensign:                                            Second Lieutenant Daron Jackson

Conducting Warrant Officer:  WO1 Geneveive Ganga

Colour Escorts:                             Sgt Assanah, A
Sgt James, J

… Offices Blessed by Cadet Force Chaplain

“All things work together for good for them who love the Lord…”

Major Rodney Brown, Chaplain and Battalion Commander of the First Infantry Battalion prayed for the Cadet Force’s leadership as he blessed the offices.


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In a simple ceremony held yesterday, the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force opened the offices for its new Headquarters at…

Posted by Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force on Sunday, November 26, 2017

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