TTCF Celebrates the #GirlCadet on International Day of the Girl Child

Today is the International Day of the Girl. We thought long and hard about designing something showing how the Cadet Force empowers girls, but then we realised that empowering girls is our daily mantra. We teach our girls to consider themselves no less than the boys.
Every day, they prove to us that they are proud, strong champions who can stand in any arena and lead the way.
If you have ever been to an Annual Training Camp, you won’t be able to help but to see it. Our Girl Cadets are POWERFUL!
So today, we’ll show some of the ways and places our Girl Cadets have shown up over the last year. 
Today the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force raises its voice for and with our girls!

Our #GirlCadets are Air Cadets

In April 2016, Air Cadet Nandi Ragubir of the Preysal Flight professed her love for being an air cadet and spoke about her experiences using flight simulators.

Our #GirlCadets are Our Cooks

She was joined soon after by newly inducted Private Munroe of the St. Augustine Secondary School Unit who was proud to wear the uniform of our “Messing Unit”.

Our #GirlCadets are Naval Cadets

Our #GirlCadets Celebrate Their Various Faiths

Our #GirlCadets Keep Us Secure

Our female naval cadets secured our Annual Inspection Parade at the Ato Boldon Stadium in May. His Excellency, President Anthony Carmona chatted with three of them just prior to his departure.

Happy International Day of the Girl 2017!

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