St. Mary’s College Air Cadets Soar in their First Flight

Seven cadets from the St. Mary’s College Cadet Unit (1TTCF), which is an Aviation Unit, took to flight last Sunday 11th June at the Piarco International Airport.

Beginning to fly is a highly anticipated step in the life of air cadets at the end of their training in the theory of flight and flight simulation. Air Cadets must complete this training before being able to begin flight familiarisation or actual flight training.

Basic ground training for air cadets includes:

  • Theory of flight and air law including: regulations for flight; action on approach of another aircraft in the air; understanding runway signs and lines; communications with Air Traffic Control.
  • Aerodynamics of flight
  • Aerial Navigation
  • VFR – Visual Flight Rules (for smaller aircraft)
  • Basic IFR – Instrument Flight Rules (for larger aircraft)
  • Understanding and reading aircraft instruments.
  • Basic Meteorology & understanding clouds etc

Taking turns in the aircraft, the cadets each had a short opportunity to fly the plane while being assisted by a flight instructor. They also took turns recording and taking photos of each others’ flights.

You didn't know it was a teenager flying the plane when you looked up, did you?
You didn’t know it was a teenager flying the plane when you looked up, did you?

Describing the day’s activities, Flight Lieutenant Kerwin Simmons said that soon another cohort of cadets from St. Mary’s Unit will have their opportunity in the cockpit.

The seven cadets who had their opportunity in the cockpit were:

SAC Sankar, Kevin
SAC Gomes, Josiah
AC Arauja, Geovani
AC Welch, Javani
AC Bissessar, Nicholas
AC Daniel- Connell, Kirabo
AC Leandro


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