University of Trinidad and Tobago Targets Cadet Force for Student Recruitment

Dr. Joseph Jacob, Manager of Student Recruitment at The University of Trinidad and Tobago presented to Unit Commanders at Day Three of the Unit Commanders’ Course about opportunities available to our cadets for tertiary level study at the University.

“I came because we would like to guide you to understand what is available for our young people to go forward in the world today.” Dr. Jacob explained as he began his presentation on tertiary programs at his university.

A spirited discussion ensued, within which he described some of the programs currently in existence at UTT, and the possibilities that will unfold for cadets who pursue tertiary education at their University.


“We have a number of programs specifically targeted at various sectors of society. We have even explored the establishment of programs specifically targeted toward the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force.


Thanking Dr. Jacob for the presentation, Major Hart, Director of the Cadet Training Institute indicated that we will invite Dr. Jacob to a future session, as the presentation was both informative and enjoyable.

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