Cadet Cooks Graduate from Recruit Training

The Cadet Force is not usually known for its cooks, bakers and stewards, but through the ‘Messing Department’, it has been in the business of training young people in the culinary arts for twenty-five odd years.

On Saturday the ‘Messing Department’ held a parade to recognise the completion of recruit training for its newest members. These ‘Messing Cadets’ will now begin of their cadet career, doing regular infantry training, while also doing food preparation for their peers, and other organisations requiring catering services.

Speaking at a short recognition ceremony after the parade, Unit Commander Lieutenant Paula Pantin expressed her gratitude for the continued support of the Principal of the El Dorado East Secondary School at which the unit conducts its training.

Reminding the cadets of their roles in school, at home and in society as large, Lt. Col. Yorke, Deputy Commandant asked the new cadets to take their places as leaders and influencers, so that their peers can see that better is possible.

Lt. Colonel Reynold York (right) presents a token of appreciation to WO1 Max Steeple

Lt. Col York then joined with Lt. Pantin in thanking WO1 Max Steeple who dedicated himself to the training and development of the cadets, not missing a single session of training during their recruit phase.

Incidentally, WO1 Steeple was also simultaneously the trainer of recruits at ASJA Boys’ College AND ASJA Girls’ College (a single cohort) who recently completed their training.

On Saturday the 'Messing Department' held a parade to recognise the completion of recruit training for its newest…

Posted by Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force on Wednesday, April 5, 2017


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