TTCF Celebrates International Women’s Day with ACCA Caribbean

This year, the Cadet Force celebrated International Women’s Day with ACCA Caribbean.

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on the 8th March, to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. In observing the day, ACCA Caribbean hosted a one-day seminar, bringing professionals and students together to discuss the ways that we can all develop a gender balanced world.

2Lt. Paula Pantin (left) and UO Daana Lewis (right). (Photo courtesy ACCA Caribbean)

Attending on behalf of the Cadet Force were 2Lt. Paula Pantin, UO Daana Lewis (who cordinated the Cadet Force’s participation) and WO2 Rhonda Thomas.

Commenting on Facebook, Ms. Anouska Sammy, Member Manager at ACCA Caribbean said that she was “…tremedously pleased that the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force… [was] …represented at our conference…”

A cross section of attendees at the conference. (Photo courtesy ACCA Caribbean)

She further commented on our representatives saying that “They represented well and are indeed solid role models for young women globally.”

“At our event a range of ACCA stakeholders were present and for us having your group there was very important . I have already found similar values between ACCA and Cadets. At ACCA our core values are of opportunity, diversity, innovation, integrity and accountability.

AWO2 Rhonda Thomas (Photo courtesy ACCA Caribbean) 

The Cadets has a focus on instilling qualities such as discipline, loyalty and duty. To support the vision of a society, this requires long-term investment from businesses, organisations and individuals that fulfils our stewardship responsibilities to champion diversity. We are all very much a key part of this vision.”

Cover photo shows, from left, 2Lt. Paula Pantin, Anouska Sammy, Member Manager at ACCA Caribbean, Adult Warrant Officer Class 2 Rhonda Thomas, UO Daana Lewis.


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