Mock Star Exams at St. James Secondary Unit (1TTCF)

One of the first accomplishments cadets target after passing their Recruit’s exam, is attaining Star 1. Infantry training for cadets is divided into 5 levels, which goes from Star 1 to Star 4, after which one can become a Master Cadet. These qualifications combine to form the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) Star Exams.

At St. James Secondary Unit last Saturday, cadets recently did a mock examination leading up to their star 1 exams.

In the photo above, the cadets in the room did the “Use of Map and Compass” (UMC) Exam.

Each Star level includes examinations in UMC, Fieldcraft, Drill and Military Knowledge. In addition, cadets then have to successfully complete a one day expedition.

Pvt. Aaliayah Ramdharie said that she enjoyed her Fieldcraft examination.

“The fieldcraft was good.” Pvt. Aaliayah Ramdharie

“Some of the questions [made me] think to do them. We got to learn more about what to do in the bush and out of the bush.” she said.

She further explained that the lessons she learned in Fieldcraft are what really attracted her to the exams.

“Cadets to me is about camps and those fun things.”

On what she has been learning in cadets, she says “It teaches us to be responsible and also to learn about helping yourself and providing for yourself. Cadets is something that will encourage you to be a better person, to be disciplined and to learn how to help others.”

We wish Private Ramdharie the best of success in her Star Exams!


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