Cadets Guard the Cenotaph at Armistice Parade

The role of sentry to the cenotaph is a very important one.Over the years, Cadet Force sergeants have joined sergeants from the Defence Force and Police Service performing this important role.

In the photo above, Sgt Alexis of the Belmont Secondary School Unit is photographed with other sentries prior to the Armistice Parade 2015.

This year (2016) Sgt. Ancil Jones (left) will perform the Cadet Force’s sentry duty at the cenotaph in Port of Spain.

Here are a few photos of Sergeants on sentry duty at past Armistice Parades.

Sgt. Bartholomew (St. Augustine Secondary School Unit/7TTCF) on the left stands guard at the cenotaph in 2015 near to a Volunteer Defence Force Sergeant (right).

The photo below shows a Sergeant in Tobago also performing sentry duties.

At the cenotaph in Fyzabad (South Trinidad) cadets form the entire sentry
Cadets also form the firing party tasked with doing the gun salute at the Fyzabad parade.

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