5 Articles About Trinidad & Tobago’s Participation in the World Wars (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series, we shared information about the Memorial Park, and an exciting video from the Chaguaramas Military and Aviation History Museum. We conclude with three must-see

3. Caribbean Air Crew in World War II
Taken from “A record of West Indian volunteers who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War”

There exist a number of calypsos on the topic of ‘Trinidad Oil’ being used by the airmen of the Second World War, but not so many about our pilots who flew in the war. This page¬†shares a few photos of airmen originating in the Caribbean, who participated in the war.


4. Lion & Tiger Calypsos of the World War II Era

Mush of our history is written in the lyrics of Calypsos, rather than in history books. This video shares a few songs about the war from the pen of the calypsonian Roaring Lion. More than that however, the photos from the song are interesting viewing.

5. The West Indies At War

Perhaps the most comprehensive of them all, the Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago filmed a four part series giving detailed information on our participation and non participation in the war.

Non participation you ask? The videos also tell us about the excitement by young men, who wanted to fight in the war because they wanted to prove their manhood. Of course, they weren’t always welcomed on the fighting fronts.


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